Delegate Feedback

“Indoor AgTech NYC has been one of the most effective summits I have taken part in. Valuable insights, high-level delegates, perfect organization, I enjoyed every moment, really a great growth opportunity.”
Co-Founder, IGROX

“Great meeting industry experts and like-minded people at the same place in NY. Where real change was made.”

“This is the premier event of the indoor ag world. The topics and conversations truly cover the most pressing areas in the space, and the most relevant come to participate.”
Impact Architect – CEA Practice Lead, ACCENTURE

“This event was very educational but at a casual level to give a lot of people from all segments a chance to be heard. Great format and well run completely.”
President, RED SUN FARMS  

“Indoor AgTech is an unique event for me as Chairman to keep track of what is going in our industry in only two days. On no other occasion can you find so many industry leaders gathering together.”
Founder & Executive Chairman, URBAN CROP SOLUTIONS

“Indoor AgTech was well organized and filled with relevant content and insights. A surprising number of industry leaders not only participated and presented, but spent significant time at the event and were engaged. I will definitely have this on my calendar for future participation.”
Group President, PROSPIANT

“As a Swiss company looking to expand in North America, CleanGreens Solutions’ first participation at Indoor AgTech helped us meet and connect with top leaders in the industry and get important market trend insights.”

Welcome Address

New York City Mayor Eric Adams delivered an inspirational speech at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in his welcome address on Thursday, June 23.

“In the next four years, this city is going to be ag on steroids! This is the place where your technology will not only live, but grow and produce. We are going to change the way we think about food by marrying technology, ingenuity and healthy nutrition in food.”

Watch the whole video here.

Keynote Address

Two keynote speakers shared their inspiring and admirable stories and highlighted the need for collaboration and innovation in the indoor agricultural ecosystem.

On day one, Stephen Ritz, Founder of GREEN BRONX MACHINE  set the stage with his presentation focused on building resilient & healthier cities through urban agriculture and harnessing the power of education to tackle key challenges in urban development.

Day two saw Christine Kretz, VP, Programs & Partnerships at the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION, take us on a journey to space and highlighted the importance of using space-based research to better develop stronger and more resilient crops.

Highlights from the Summit Stage

Breakfast Briefing: Establishing CEA Innovation Hubs and Markets Around the World

“The French government has changed its stance on food sovereignty through the spectrum of industrial production which is something that the agricultural sector can look forward to.” – Giles Dreyfus, President & Co-Founder, JUNGLE

“Many farmers are on survival mode –  the challenge of CEA is that we are in a very competitive market and have to compete with low labor and international informal markets. ”  – Cristian SjogrenCo-Founder & CEOAGROURBANA

Scaling Up: Optimizing Success in Running a Multi-Facility Operation

“The three key factors to successfully scale up in indoor agriculture are – people, relationships and culture.” – Paul Sellew, Founder & CEO, LITTLE LEAF FARMS

“Be aware that technology might change but the culture doesn’t change. We have to stay loyal to the culture of our audience.” – Jan Westra, Strategic Business Developer, PRIVA

Investor Debate: Which Finance Models Work Best in Scaling CEA?

“It’s been amazing to see the entrepreneurial ecosystem develop within CEA across multiple spaces.” – Suhas Narayanaswamy, Principal, LEWIS & CLARK AGRIFOOD

“As technology advances over the years – we need to be focused on brand loyalty because capturing the minds and hearts of our consumers is something that is very important.” – Gingee PrinceChief Impact Officer & MDENHANCED CAPITAL

Scaling Up Indoor Grown Strawberries: A Fruitful Debate

“Strawberries are a challenging plant. They are a fruiting plant so the yields are much lower. Part of growth means streamlining costs and optimizing productivity.” – Neil MattsonCEA Director & Associate Professor, School of Plant Science, HorticultureCORNELL UNIVERSITY

“Going forward you can reduce your labor by 15% with robotics which will be a key solution.” – Paul J Mastronardi, Co-Owner, EVER TRU FARMS 

Innovation Spotlight: Unlocking the Potential of Indoor

As the cost of indoor production falls, the viability of new crop varieties increases. This session explored what these varieties are and what their route to commercial production looks like.




Beyond Leafy Greens & Herbs: Reaching More Markets Through Crop Diversity

“If we do not find alliance, there will be a point where you do not make it. It is a supply chain solution.” – Jennifer Waxman, Executive Director, THE VILLAGES GROWN

“The reason why we put our heart, soul and personal finances into this is because we think CEA can change the world. We need to step back and see where we are in the evolution.” – Brendan Somerville, Co-Founder & COO, OISHII

Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in NYC and online:

See You Next Time!

Join us later this year in Singapore at the Asia Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, this October 26-28 at which CEA is one of the four pillars to build greater capacity, security and resilience in Asia’s agri-food system.

Join us next year in New York at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit, on June 29-30, where we will continue the conversation to accelerate the future of indoor agriculture and fast track new collaborations.

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