B-Farm Clusters eliminate the transition between grow cycles and eliminate the harvesting process which cuts the produce labor cost by up to 70%.

BabylonX, a Canadian next generation hydroponics manufacturing and service company today announced the release of its new B-Farm Clusters, Alie Sabbagh, Horticulture Director at BabylonX said, “B-Farm offers advanced hydroponic technology that cuts the cost and labour associated with the growing process by up to 50%. It is designed to achieve the most by adapting to existing space and by reaching efficiencies in irrigation and lighting even offering an attractive display of produce in a retail setting.”

B-Farm is designed from scratch to accommodate growing plants from seed to harvest in a single system without having to move the plants around. B-Farm eliminates the transition between grow cycles and eliminates the harvesting process which cuts the labor cost by up to 70%. That allows growers, grocers, restaurants, commercial kitchens, food establishments and retailers to add a new “Live-Produce” category which introduces a new revenue stream and offers a more nutritious produce than fresh. This makes B-Farm’s produce of a higher consumer valuable and therefore can sell at a premium price. Furthermore, B-Farm requires less produce transport and no refrigeration in addition to offering a longer produce shelf life without requiring any packaging or preservation. That makes B-Farm an environmentally friendly low-cost alternative.

B-Farm technology is based on the success of the Egg Garden which offers the perfect collision of cutting-edge hydroponics, and sleek design. It is well-suited for indoor and outdoor gardening. Grow fresh, nutritious, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers all year long without the hassle of soil. The modularity of the Egg Garden offers a scalable solution. A small grower can start from a single unit whereas a large commercial farm can scale to thousands of units.

With rising produce prices, the agricultural carbon impact and food waste, the need is now more than ever to grow near and within our urban centres Sabbagh added.

About BabylonX
BabylonX aim to revolutionize the industry by disrupting the market and improving the way we grow and consume our food. The Egg Garden’s modular urban growing technology yields produce that is alive, nutritious in a true sense, lower in cost and is environment friendly. We accomplish that by moving the growing process closer to the consumer in urban areas and at the consumers’ dwelling. Our technology is based on the concept of aeroponics/hydroponics which is growing plants in a soil-free environment where plants are fed through a steady stream of water and nutrients.