GoodLeaf Farms is creating Canada’s first national network of indoor farms in Montreal and Calgary. Barry Murchie, President & CEO shares the successes and challenges, scaling up the business and working with key investors.

“Having spent 25 years with McCain Foods, food companies generally operate on very thin margins and it’s the pennies that will make or break. So having a disciplined approach to capital utilization, getting to operations excellence and having a maniacal attitude towards engineering so that your CAPEX is as low as it can possibly be – all of those things is what we have been focusing on over the last few years.” 

Join the GoodLeaf Farms team at Indoor AgTech and hear from Michael Ravensdale, VP Horticulture Devt, Innovation & Quality speaking on Growers panel: ‘Aligning Growers and Engineers to Increase Yield and Quality’ on June 29 at 1.45pm EST.

For more information on GoodLeaf Farms, visit their website.