Adam Bergman, Global Head of AgTech Investment Banking at CITI summarizes key investment trends and shares valuable advice for raising funds. 

“We’re looking at a very different economic landscape. A lot of companies have been very successful going from pilot plants to actual production sites and in some cases having multiple sites and an international footprint. However we’ve seen other companies be unable to effectively scale and get to positive unit economics. They will struggle to raise new capital, and we are likely to see consolidation in the sector.

But… When winners start showing that they could be profitable and start to scale, then you see lots of capital come in. I think it’s really exciting. Those companies are going to figure out ways to find cheap capital, which is really important in any capital-intensive sector.” 

Join Adam’s panel discussion on ‘Finding Funding in a Challenging Economic Environment’ on Thursday June 29 at 4.45pm EST alongside Enhanced Capital, The Rise Fund, COFRA Holdings and Global Ventures.

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