Sandra Somford, Co-owner and President at JASA Packaging Solutions tells us how the company is attractive to growers with its sustainable packaging lines and how it continues to innovate with new R&D solutions.

Sandra reveals: “We’re a system integrator and take control of the implementation of the entire packaging line of which a lot of components are developed by JASA in-house. Regarding our history in complete packaging lines for all types of produce, we know exactly how every product behaves. For example outdoor grown leafy greens act differently in a packing line than indoor grown leafy greens. The whole line needs to be adapted to the produce that needs to be run on the packing line and we always strive to come up with the best possible solution for the customer.” 

Join JASA Packaging Solutions at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit with Joost Somford, Senior VP hosting a presentation on ‘Innovation in Sustainable Packaging Automation’ at 11.05 EST and a roundtable discussion on ‘Bespoke Sustainable Packaging for Leafy Greens and Beyond’ at 12.50 EST on June 24.

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