How do we tackle key challenges within urban agriculture and vertical farming? From transformative solutions ranging from remote sensing technology to plant physiology and captured carbon, a selection of featured innovators will showcase their breakthrough technologies at this year’s Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York on June 23-24.

Known globally for its focus on technology innovation and acceleration in CEA, urban agriculture and vertical farming, the Indoor AgTech program aims to raise the profile of early-stage companies and advance opportunities for partnerships as they connect with potential investors and partners.

Technology Showcase Session: The industry’s most exciting entrepreneurs will each pitch their innovative solutions on stage, followed by an exploratory Q&A from Catalyst Investors and Cofra Holding.

Clean Crop Technologies (USA) is on a mission to deploy sustainable technology solutions to help feed the world without burning it down. Its proprietary technology uses electricity to sustainably reduce food waste, improve food safety, and boost crop yields without residues or harming product quality across a wide range of food categories.

Gardin (UK) is developing optical remote sensing technology and analytics to measure plant physiology so food producers can grow higher quality produce at lower costs and reduced waste. Its tools and technologies will empower food producers to grow superior yields with the highest nutritional density, optimally, sustainably, and affordably.

Nangatech (Poland) is creating and implementing innovative solutions for a food system that is based on nanobubble technology. Its mission is to deliver solutions that unfold a true plants’ potential, improves and fastens crop yields, strengthens a plants resilience and reduces the amount of fertilizers. Its technology increases operational efficiency of farming, while caring for nature.

Polybee (Singapore) is increasing the profitability of fresh produce by automating pollination and yield forecasting using nano-drones and AI. The company aims to build a closed-loop feedback control system for CEA cultivation wherein input setpoints for climate and nutrients are autonomously adjusted to changing conditions.

Innovation Spotlight: Discover how a new variety of indoor grown crops including wasabi, hops and spirulina are optimizing the CEA industry.

Ekonoke (Spain) brings reliability of supply for beer makers, producing local, vertically-grown hops with a reduced water footprint x20, eliminating food miles and using no pesticides. “You can count on Ekonoke to save your beer! We researched the top 10 crops with significant climate change risk and hops topped the list,” highlights Ines Sagrario, CEO & Co-Founder.

Nordic Wasabi (Iceland) is the first product from Jurt Hydroponics, a start-up producing quality hard to grow plants using advanced technologies and sustainable resources. Its growing process is powered by renewable energy and nurtured with pure Icelandic water. “This wasabi has been praised by renowned chefs across the globe and featured on the menus of some of the world’s best restaurants,” reveals Co-Founder Ragnar Tomasson.

We Are The New Farmers (USA) is a mission-driven urban farming company using captured carbon to create sustainable food products from microalgae, one of the most sustainable and nutritious food sources on the planet. Jonas Günther, Co-Founder says: “Fixing our broken food system is critical in the fight against climate change, and spirulina is poised to become a powerful solution.”

Start-Up Exhibition: Delegates will continue their journey of talent discovery at the Start-Up Exhibition and networking area, where they’ll meet the entrepreneurs and learn more about their scale-up ambitions.

Nordetect (Denmark) is an analytical chemistry company that produces rapid analysis tools and software for nutrient management. Growers, operators, and advisors can use its Lab-on-a-Chip method of testing water, substrate, and plant sap to get immediate results, remove operational risks, and increase yield.

The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York on June 23-24 will bring together 500+ of the world’s leading growers, retailers, investors, seed companies and technology providers for two high-energy days of 1-1 meetings, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, two breakfast briefings and a networking cocktail hour.

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