Meet the Next Crop of CEA Start-Ups

These featured start-ups will showcase their solutions on center stage and in the busy exhibition at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit on June 24-25 in Chicago. With technologies ranging from high-tech glass coating to specialty berries and mushroom varieties, these entrepreneurs are driving innovation for greenhouse and vertical farm growers.

  • Ato Cide (Canada) deals with pathogens in agriculture, food safety and water treatments with peracetic acid.
  • BeriTech (Canada) grows off-season blueberries and raspberries with berries genetics, photobiology, advanced physiological methods and precision indoor growing solutions.
  • FOTONIQ (The Netherlands) offers a sprayable coating for greenhouses that helps evenly distribute light throughout to help with yield consistency and retain heat in facilities.
  • GEIA.AI (UK) provides a growing platform adaptive to the grower’s needs in both facility design and crop, aiming to automate and improve environmental control in the farm.
  • MycoLogic (USA) integrates strain-specific biological data, into an adaptive environmental control system that maximizes the yield and quality of 23 varieties of mushroom.
  • Voltiris (Switzerland) introduces solar modules that produce electricity without reducing the yield of crops placed underneath, allowing for double use of greenhouse areas.