Meet the 2021 Advisory Board

The virtual Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit on June 24-25 will explore how controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming can reach greater profitability and scale, both in the US and globally.

Demand for fresh, local, nutritious and pesticide-free production has never been higher. But how can growers drive down energy consumption as they scale up to meet this demand? Which new crops can be optimized for an indoor environment? And how do we bridge the gap between producer and consumer?

We’re putting together a powerful two days of interactive sessions and breakout discussion groups, steered by our valued Advisory Board of internationally recognized farm operators, food retailers, investors, seed companies and technology providers.

More than 30 of the biggest names in the indoor agriculture and CEA community are helping to shape this June’s program:


Our Experts Say:

“Indoor agriculture is booming as consumers continually demand the quality, variety and flavor that indoor-grown produce can bring. I look forward to the summit bringing together thoughtful content and expertise in the world of Indoor AgTech.”
Liliana Esposito, Chief Communications Officer, WENDY’S, USA

“It’s time for growers and the sales community to support the data and technology requirements throughout the supply chain that will enable complete product transparency and timely traceability. Data aggregation as in GS1 and technology such as QR codes on packaging have proven to be value added for growers, distributors and consumers.”
Sean Walsh, North America Director of Fruits, Vegetables and Dairy, GORDON FOOD SERVICE, USA

“Our capabilities are increasingly driven by AI, machine learning, internet of things, and blockchain, which all enable greater visibility and clarity on how to improve our products and services. We look to intentionally combine human and technological capabilities, so that our tech investments empower our employees and all our partners and customers along the supply chain.”
Elyse Lipman, Chief Strategy Officer, LIPMAN FAMILY FARMS, USA

“I’m interested to see a significant dispersion of the food systems so quality produce becomes more affordable by removing all the friction between the producers and actual consumers. This will resolve a significant level of problems and issues we face such as food wastage, supply chain issues, food safety and costs.”
Jessica Naomi Fong, General Manager & Co-Founder, COMMON FARMS, HONG KONG

“The pandemic and climate crisis are straining our food supply chains like never before. There couldn’t be a better time to focus on accelerating the growth of the indoor farming industry than now. Blockchain is going to be a critical component to building safer and more transparent supply chains. BrightFarms was an early adopter of IBM® Blockchain technology through the IBM Food Trust. This technology allows us to provide our retail partners with the trust and assurance that’s needed in today’s market.”
Paul Lightfoot, Founder and President, BRIGHTFARMS, USA