Netled announces the launch of their first vertical farm in Calgary, Canada with a grand opening event on September 8th. Guests of the opening event will be treated to Vera® farm tours and delicious food prepared from vertically farmed produce.

North America’s first Netled Vera® vertical farm will be officially opened to the public at the Rambridge/Netled North America premises in Calgary on September 8th. Rambridge and Netled partnered to form Netled North America earlier in 2022

The aim of the grand opening is to increase awareness of the locally available vertical farming technologies in Calgary, and encourage communication between investors, government agencies, and potential clients in further vertical farming developments.

The event will include an introduction to the Vera® vertical farming systems and what this technology means for the future of food security and advances in agriculture, a walkthrough the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) farming area, and a selection of Vera® vertically farmed salads and custom cocktails curated in collaboration with the chefs from Atco Blue Flame Kitchen.

The Calgary Vera® vertical farm is a two-layered 1076 sq ft (100 m2) unit that serves as a demonstration facility of the Vera® technology. It offers great opportunities for training, R&D work, and local collaboration.

The Grand Opening will take place on Thursday, September 8th, 2022 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM MDT at Rambridge/Netled North America premises. Registration for the Grand Opening event via the Eventbrite page