Planet Farms Launches PESTOOH

Planet Farms has recently launched the PESTOOH family, its very first fresh pesto range, made entirely from its own vertically-grown basil. After months of hard work, the team is incredibly proud to see the product on the shelves of top Italian retailers.

Vibrant, green and delicious, PESTOOH’s unique texture and flavor is the result of a first-in-class transformation process, which takes place within hours of harvesting and at only a few kilometres’ distance from its farm near Milan.

The Planet Farms growing process ensures that its basil never needs to be washed, preserving the leaves’ essential oils needed to deliver unparalleled flavor and texture.

Today, Planet Farms is selling two varieties of PESTOOH – one with and one without garlic – which feature no preservatives and only six ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, Planet Farms basil, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP aged over 12 months, Pecorino Romano DOP, Mediterranean pine nuts, salt (and garlic, for the original version). Its innovative cultivation process and carefully crafted recipes allow the company to create a novel yet authentic pesto, of fantastic quality year-round.

You’ll find the PESTOOH products in colourful, FSC certified and recyclable packaging, standing out from the crowd while keeping in line with the design and graphics of its much loved salad range.

Come and taste Planet Farms’ fresh pesto during the morning networking coffee break at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit on Thursday June 23.