Welcome Speech: Mayor Eric Adams

“In the next four years, this city is going to be ag on steroids! This is the place where your technology will not only live, but grow and produce. We are going change the way we think about food by marrying technology, ingenuity and healthy nutrition in food.”

Panel: Buyers and Growers

  • Retailers and food service companies are showing increasing interest in the development of indoor farming. What are the biggest advantages to them?
  • What do retail and food service operators require of indoor growers to be their first-choice supplier? What type of products are in highest demand?
  • Are indoor growers able to match the portfolios and meet the demands of food service operators?
  • What challenges have buyers faced in partnering with indoor growers and vice versa? How can these be avoided in the future?
  • Should the same food standards and practices such as on-site chopping and pre-washing apply to indoor? What research is there on this?

Katie Seawell, Chief Commercial Officer, BOWERY, USA

Yan Branco, Head, Quality Control & Produce Supplier Development, SOBEYS, CANADA
Nona Yehia, Co-Founder & CEO, VERTICAL HARVEST, USA