Private Equity Investment Manager Sandton Capital Partners (“Sandton”) has acquired Vindara for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2018, Vindara is the first company to develop seeds specifically designed for use in vertical indoor farm environments as well as other controlled environment agriculture (CEA) farming methods. Sandton has acquired the company from US vertical farming company Kalera and provides investment to support the future growth of Vindara under the leadership of Dr. Jade Stinson.

Vindara is based in Orlando, Florida where it has assembled an industry leading database of worldwide produce, tracking thousands of varieties and looking at everything from physical measurements to texture and flavor. Combining advanced technology with state-of-the-art research and development facilities the company uses genomics, machine learning, and computational biology along with traditional breeding methods to meet the market need for delicious produce that is non-GMO, nutritious and faster growing. Vindara continues to develop and expand its ever-growing IP protected seed variety portfolio. Vindara can deliver any kind of genetic variety, tailored to each customer’s needs. The company’s breeding process provides a simpler, shorter path than traditional methods, reducing the time needed from 5-7 years to a remarkable 12-18 months. This results in increased output and optimizing yield and profitability.

Dr. Jade Stinson will continue as Co-Founder & CEO and is focused on accelerating and expanding Vindara’s seed research and development programs to serve the entire global indoor farming market. Vindara has a long-term committed staff base who will all remain with the business.

Dr. Jade Stinson, Co-Founder & CEO of Vindara said: “Vindara was founded on a vision to build a company that could change the vertical farming sector. Our seed development process is unprecedented because we can develop customized seeds for indoor growers faster than any other seed provider. Innovation is at the heart of our strategy to deliver tailor-made alternatives designed specifically for indoor use, without sacrificing quality, taste and nutrients. The business is well capitalized which supports our strategy to become a leader in the vertical farming space. This is an exciting period for Vindara and its future growth as we look to leverage on our unique offering and expand our position in the vertical farming sector.”

Jade and Amanda Lewis, R&D Horticulturalist at Vindara will both host a roundtable discussion on ‘Exploring the Intersection of Genetics and the Environment’ at Indoor AgTech on June 30 at 12.25pm. Book your seat now to join them!