Thevi, a revolutionary yield forecasting software package, gives lettuce growers the certainty to plan effectively, make informed decisions and optimize pricing strategies.

Certhon has developed Thevi specifically for lettuce growers and it is applicable to all types of lettuce. With Thevi, lettuce growers can forecast future crop yields with unprecedented accuracy to ultimately achieve the best yield for produce. This harvest forecasting software gives the grower the ability to control output and thus ensure their supply reliability.

In today’s dynamic market, with fluctuating energy prices and large acreages to manage, green fingers alone are often no longer enough. Moreover, the strong position of retail demands high delivery reliability. That is why agronomists and engineers within Certhon started researching crop forecasting in the Certhon Innovation Centre in 2022. This was done, among other things, using installed cameras that continuously take images of the crop.

With the knowledge gained from crop surveys and images, Certhon has developed Thevi. Thevi features advanced software with deep learning technology that analyzes and compares images from the greenhouse. With that data, Thevi can then make extremely accurate yield predictions, with up to 95% accuracy. These predictions take into account influences from both inside and outside the greenhouse, such as the amount of LED lighting and the weather. All harvest predictions are accessible to the grower through a user-friendly dashboard.

Mark Delissen, Founder and Managing Director at Deliscious, and one of the first users of Thevi, emphasizes the positive impact of the software on their operations, “We use Thevi on a weekly basis and have gained significant benefits. The dynamic forecasts of our lettuce weights are remarkably accurate. Even with changes both inside and outside the greenhouse, the forecasts remain reliable. As a result, we have been able to communicate better forecasts, allowing us to serve our customers even better.”

“As Certhon, we see the special relationship between plants, technology and growers,” says Lotte van Rijn, CEO of Certhon. “With Thevi, we have created something that brings exactly that together, by integrating our plant knowledge with innovative technology. Our ability to translate knowledge into concrete solutions like Thevi shows our commitment to support growers with resources and tools tailored to their needs and challenges.”